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Being a mom can be quite the challenge. We need to juggle so many things, and do it all on a budget (for most of us, at least). This means you must develop smart shopping habits and learn to save money whenever possible. Pour Les Momes.com (which means "for the moms" in French) is a site that aims to help mothers make the right choices when it comes to shopping online.

We offer reviews of shopping sites and web services that may be of use to mothers everywhere. In addition, we offer links to free trials, coupons, promo codes, and other special offers you can take advantage of so that you will always be getting the best discounts possible whenever you shop on the Internet.

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The importance of a consistent brand identity

Small businesses often try to make ends meet for as little money as possible. But you should never put more importance on saving money over creating a consistent business identity. I have seen businesses that have 2 or 3 different logos, and if you looked at their website, it's not even clear that it's the website for the same company. Such a disjointed identity can end up doing harm to your marketing efforts.

There are some minimum things every business should do. One is establish an attractive logo that is used across all media, including print, checks, business cards, and of course the website. A well-made logo usually only costs a few hundred dollars, even if you use premium services like the one offered by Deluxe, so you should not skimp on this.

Secondly, the name of your business should be consistent across the board. If you have a tendency to call your business with different names, you should consolidate that, even if the names are similar to each other. Make sure you use the same business name on everything you create, including envelopes, stationery, and checking products.

Of course, your website should seem like an extension of your marketing efforts. The message delivered by the site should be consistent with other materials you have produced.

One way to make sure your business has a consistent identity is to hire a company like Deluxe, which will create a logo, offer checking products, and build a website for you. They may not be the cheapest option, but you can use Deluxe promo codes and coupons from freebiebulletin.com to get a competitive price. And it's not wise to try to save money when you are establishing the identity of your business. Therefore, try to hire the best company when creating an identity package.

Which E-cig or Vaporizer to Use at Each Stage of Vaping

volcano inferno couponThe way I see it, vapers go through different stages. At first, they are newbies who are just learning the ropes and figuring out what vaping is all about. Then, they graduate to using more complex batteries. Finally, they may evolve into hobbyists that have custom setups. Below, I will provide some advice on which e-cig you should use for the different stages you may progress through as a vaper.

Without a doubt, beginners are best served by using small e-cigarettes that resemble regular cigarettes. Not only will such e-cigs resemble real cigarettes in appearance and function, they are also the easiest to use. All you really need to do is select a pre-filled cartomizer with the flavor you want, and once you screw that on your battery, you're more or less ready to go. I recommend the Volcano Magma starter kit for people who are just getting started with e-cigarettes and want a simple setup.

Once you've been vaping for a while, say 3 months or so, you will probably want to take things to the next level. A great battery to try out are the Ego batteries, of which there are plenty of knockoffs. Most major e-cig companies offer at least one Ego-style battery line. My favorite e-cig company, Volcano, offers a battery called Inferno, which are among the best Ego batteries I've tried. If you want a cheaper option, there are many inexpensive generic Ego batteries you can try as well. The quality on such batteries, however, will vary quite a bit. If you're interested in buying Volcano Inferno batteries, head over to http://e-cigbargains.com/volcanoecig/ to receive some Volcano Ecig coupon codes.

Not all vapers will progress to this category, but many do. Advanced vapors usually purchase "mods" which are highly customizable setups that allow you to experiment with many different voltages and wattages. I would caution you to only use mods if you are comfortable with tinkering around and understand enough about electricity to avoid any dangerous situations. The last thing you want is to have a battery explode on you due to user error. Do lots of research and make sure you keep things safe if you want to experiment with mods.

Online Dating or Speed Dating?

speed dating
If you've struggled with meeting eligible singles, you may want to consider online dating or speed dating. But which one is better? Let's start by talking about speed dating.

In speed dating, you typically meet with other single people in a bar or similar environment. Then, you got on about 10 short "speed dates" with everyone at the event, and each date lasts about 5 to 8 minutes. Of course, that's not enough time to determine whether or not someone is compatible with you, but it does give you enough to determine whether or not you want to see somebody again. Throughout the process, you keep track of people you meet on a notecard, and at the end of the event, you hand in your card to the coordinator. Later on, you can go to a website and find out which people you've dated are interested in seeing you again. Drinks are usually provided during speed dating events, but I suggest you don't have too many since it's better to be clear-headed when you are meeting as many as a dozen people in a night.

Online dating, on the other hand, is simply any type of dating that takes place online initially. The most common example would be a site like Match.com, where you can browse the dating profiles of hundreds of people living within miles of you. As long as you have a membership, you can contact any members you like quite freely. Without a membership, however, any contact you make will be limited. For this reason, you should at least get at Match.com free trial (currently available at http://couponleaf.com/match-com-promo-free-trial/) if you are considering online dating, as this will help you learn how the process works.

So which type of dating should you try? Although it might be costly, I suggest you try both. A typical speed dating event may cost around $20 or $30, and the cost of a one-month membership at a dating site is usually about the same amount. After trying both, you should quickly realize which type of dating is better suited for your personality.

What is bitcoin, and what can you do with it?

Those who have been following the news at all in recent years have no doubt heard of bitcoin. But what exactly is bitcoin? In this post, I will answer this question and also go over some of the things you can do with bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a digital currency (sometimes called a cryptocurrency). It is similar to currency you might find in a video game, as it is a currency that exists solely in the digital realm. What's more bitcoin is decentralized. That's just a fancy way of saying that it is not under the control of any government or institution. All other currencies, such as the U.S. dollar, is backed by a government or some other institution. As such, they are also susceptible to manipulation. Take the dollar, for instance. The U.S. government routinely changes the money supply and even 'prints' dollars to create new money. No such shenanigans are possible with something like the bitcoin, since its issuance is governed by mathematical principles and cannot be tinkered with.

The value of bitcoin is obviously related to the number of people who use the currency. To date, the currency was not widely used, as many retailers did not accept it. But this is slowly changing, and nowadays, you can even find cafes and restaurants that accept bitcoin, although they are still hard to find.

Online, it's a lot easier to use any bitcoins you may own. Many major websites like Overstock now accept bitcoin. Since it's an anonymous currency (if used correctly), bitcoin is also popular among online casinos, and new bitcoin casinos are popping up every day.

But in recent months, it's not only bitcoin that is accepted by casinos. Several casinos have begun to accept ether, dogecoin, and other secondary 'alt' coins. For example, you can find a list of dogecoin casinos here.

To obtain bitcoin, you usually need to convert another currency such as the U.S. dollar into bitcoin by using an exchange. One popular exchange is Coinbase (based in San Francisco), but there are dozens of others you can choose from.

Another way you can get bitcoin is by "mining" for them, which requires you to buy powerful computing devices called ASICs. The computers are typically run 24/7 and they solve complex math problems, for which they are rewarded newly minted bitcoins. It's probably not easy for individual miners to make money mining bitcoins, as most mining operations are now being conducted by large companies overseas.

Hopefully, this short article has helped you understand a bit more about what bitcoin is, and how you can take advantage of it.

Tips About Packaging

packaging materialsThings such as bags, boxes, and tissue paper probably don't excite most people. But for a business that sells products, packaging can play a big role in how successful a business is. Just think about things like toys, chocolates, or perfume. Packaging for such products are almost synonymous with the product itself. It goes without saying, then, that businesses must choose their bags, boxes, and other packaging materials with great care.

Large corporations have the resources to design eye-catching packaging materials. But what about small or medium-sized businesses? Such entities often struggle between two equally unattractive options: 1) Choose basic packaging materials and save money, or 2) Buy branded, nice packaging materials and hurt the bottom line.

By doing some research, I've discovered that there can be a middle ground, which is to choose a reasonably priced packaging vendor like Bags and Bows, and to use online coupons to bring down the cost. In fairness, there are a few cheaper companies you can choose as well, but the quality of their products are not something I was happy with. Bags and Bows, on the other hand, offers well-made products that even small businesses can afford. And you don't have to pay full price so long as you use a bags and bows coupon from business-reviews.com.

The real benefit of using Bags and Bows, however, is that you can customize your product and add your own logo, etc. at a relatively reasonable cost. I recommend using this option if your business can afford it, as it goes a long way toward branding your business. For additional branding options, check out my article about Deluxe.

What are the best matchmaking sites?

Matchmaking has become big business on the Internet. It really caught steam once eHarmony became prominent. Soon, similar sites began to pop up, and nowadays, just about every dating sites offers some sort of matchmaking system to its users. But which matchmaking system is the best? In this article, we will explore this question.

matchesThere are a couple major criteria I use to decide how good a matchmaking system is. The first is whether there is any kind of science behind the system. Ideally, the matching algorithm should be based on scientific data and research. Secondly, I like to see a system that has actually produced results.

With that said, here are some dating sites that offer matchmaking features:

1. Any "standard" dating site.
There are many dating sites like Match.com or Pof.com that don't specialize in matchmaking, but offer some matching features nevertheless. Sometimes they would send you matches for a day or suggest profiles based on your search patterns. Note that while such features can make your online dating experience a bit more personalized, it's unlikely such matches are based on anything deep.

2. Chemistry.com.
This website uses the same basic model as Eharmony. To join, you must complete a personality quiz. The quiz is based on research by an anthropologist and seems have a good amount of science backing it up. Everything about Chemistry.com seems to check out, but the one problem is that the site's membership is significantly smaller than the membership of its main competitor, Eharmony.

3. Eharmony.
Make no mistake - Eharmony has been the gold standard for matchmaking sites for over a decade now. You need to complete a long personality test to join, but it's worth it to take the time to complete this test. As with Chemistry.com, Eharmony's system is based on scientific research. Unlike Chemistry.com, however, Eharmony has a very large membership, increasing the odds that you'll be matched with someone you'll fall in love with. And last but not least, Eharmony has been responsible for over a million marriages. I also like the fact that you can join this site for free since Onlinedatingtrials.com offers an Eharmony free trial.

Of course, some people don't believe in matchmaking systems and would rather rely on their own judgement to find someone. To that, I say, "to each his own." But if you want to give scientific matchmaking systems a go, consider using one of the sites above.

You may also be interested in checking out my article about online dating and speed dating, where I compare the two methods of meeting single people in your area.