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Online Dating or Speed Dating?

speed dating
If you've struggled with meeting eligible singles, you may want to consider online dating or speed dating. But which one is better? Let's start by talking about speed dating.

In speed dating, you typically meet with other single people in a bar or similar environment. Then, you got on about 10 short "speed dates" with everyone at the event, and each date lasts about 5 to 8 minutes. Of course, that's not enough time to determine whether or not someone is compatible with you, but it does give you enough to determine whether or not you want to see somebody again. Throughout the process, you keep track of people you meet on a notecard, and at the end of the event, you hand in your card to the coordinator. Later on, you can go to a website and find out which people you've dated are interested in seeing you again. Drinks are usually provided during speed dating events, but I suggest you don't have too many since it's better to be clear-headed when you are meeting as many as a dozen people in a night.

Online dating, on the other hand, is simply any type of dating that takes place online initially. The most common example would be a site like Match.com, where you can browse the dating profiles of hundreds of people living within miles of you. As long as you have a membership, you can contact any members you like quite freely. Without a membership, however, any contact you make will be limited. For this reason, you should at least get at Match.com free trial (currently available at http://couponleaf.com/match-com-promo-free-trial/) if you are considering online dating, as this will help you learn how the process works.

So which type of dating should you try? Although it might be costly, I suggest you try both. A typical speed dating event may cost around $20 or $30, and the cost of a one-month membership at a dating site is usually about the same amount. After trying both, you should quickly realize which type of dating is better suited for your personality.