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The importance of a consistent brand identity

Small businesses often try to make ends meet for as little money as possible. But you should never put more importance on saving money over creating a consistent business identity. I have seen businesses that have 2 or 3 different logos, and if you looked at their website, it's not even clear that it's the website for the same company. Such a disjointed identity can end up doing harm to your marketing efforts.

There are some minimum things every business should do. One is establish an attractive logo that is used across all media, including print, checks, business cards, and of course the website. A well-made logo usually only costs a few hundred dollars, even if you use premium services like the one offered by Deluxe, so you should not skimp on this.

Secondly, the name of your business should be consistent across the board. If you have a tendency to call your business with different names, you should consolidate that, even if the names are similar to each other. Make sure you use the same business name on everything you create, including envelopes, stationery, and checking products.

Of course, your website should seem like an extension of your marketing efforts. The message delivered by the site should be consistent with other materials you have produced.

One way to make sure your business has a consistent identity is to hire a company like Deluxe, which will create a logo, offer checking products, and build a website for you. They may not be the cheapest option, but you can use Deluxe promo codes and coupons from freebiebulletin.com to get a competitive price. And it's not wise to try to save money when you are establishing the identity of your business. Therefore, try to hire the best company when creating an identity package.