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What are the best matchmaking sites?

Matchmaking has become big business on the Internet. It really caught steam once eHarmony became prominent. Soon, similar sites began to pop up, and nowadays, just about every dating sites offers some sort of matchmaking system to its users. But which matchmaking system is the best? In this article, we will explore this question.

matchesThere are a couple major criteria I use to decide how good a matchmaking system is. The first is whether there is any kind of science behind the system. Ideally, the matching algorithm should be based on scientific data and research. Secondly, I like to see a system that has actually produced results.

With that said, here are some dating sites that offer matchmaking features:

1. Any "standard" dating site.
There are many dating sites like Match.com or Pof.com that don't specialize in matchmaking, but offer some matching features nevertheless. Sometimes they would send you matches for a day or suggest profiles based on your search patterns. Note that while such features can make your online dating experience a bit more personalized, it's unlikely such matches are based on anything deep.

2. Chemistry.com.
This website uses the same basic model as Eharmony. To join, you must complete a personality quiz. The quiz is based on research by an anthropologist and seems have a good amount of science backing it up. Everything about Chemistry.com seems to check out, but the one problem is that the site's membership is significantly smaller than the membership of its main competitor, Eharmony.

3. Eharmony.
Make no mistake - Eharmony has been the gold standard for matchmaking sites for over a decade now. You need to complete a long personality test to join, but it's worth it to take the time to complete this test. As with Chemistry.com, Eharmony's system is based on scientific research. Unlike Chemistry.com, however, Eharmony has a very large membership, increasing the odds that you'll be matched with someone you'll fall in love with. And last but not least, Eharmony has been responsible for over a million marriages. I also like the fact that you can join this site for free since Onlinedatingtrials.com offers an Eharmony free trial.

Of course, some people don't believe in matchmaking systems and would rather rely on their own judgement to find someone. To that, I say, "to each his own." But if you want to give scientific matchmaking systems a go, consider using one of the sites above.

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