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Which E-cig or Vaporizer to Use at Each Stage of Vaping

volcano inferno couponThe way I see it, vapers go through different stages. At first, they are newbies who are just learning the ropes and figuring out what vaping is all about. Then, they graduate to using more complex batteries. Finally, they may evolve into hobbyists that have custom setups. Below, I will provide some advice on which e-cig you should use for the different stages you may progress through as a vaper.

Without a doubt, beginners are best served by using small e-cigarettes that resemble regular cigarettes. Not only will such e-cigs resemble real cigarettes in appearance and function, they are also the easiest to use. All you really need to do is select a pre-filled cartomizer with the flavor you want, and once you screw that on your battery, you're more or less ready to go. I recommend the Volcano Magma starter kit for people who are just getting started with e-cigarettes and want a simple setup.

Once you've been vaping for a while, say 3 months or so, you will probably want to take things to the next level. A great battery to try out are the Ego batteries, of which there are plenty of knockoffs. Most major e-cig companies offer at least one Ego-style battery line. My favorite e-cig company, Volcano, offers a battery called Inferno, which are among the best Ego batteries I've tried. If you want a cheaper option, there are many inexpensive generic Ego batteries you can try as well. The quality on such batteries, however, will vary quite a bit. If you're interested in buying Volcano Inferno batteries, head over to http://e-cigbargains.com/volcanoecig/ to receive some Volcano Ecig coupon codes.

Not all vapers will progress to this category, but many do. Advanced vapors usually purchase "mods" which are highly customizable setups that allow you to experiment with many different voltages and wattages. I would caution you to only use mods if you are comfortable with tinkering around and understand enough about electricity to avoid any dangerous situations. The last thing you want is to have a battery explode on you due to user error. Do lots of research and make sure you keep things safe if you want to experiment with mods.